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Smile Train and Parle

Smile Train - Akshita, Sukhmani, Farooque, Riddhima Parle -Urvika, Aaron, Sandhya, Anjali
Q4 FY18

Share The Good Q4 FY18 – Smile Train and Parle Smile Train Team Smile Train comprising of Akshita Agrawal, Sukhmani Bikram, Farooque Shaikh and Riddhima Sethi wanted to build visibility for Smile Train’s completion of 5 lakh surgeries despite having Aishwarya Rai Bachan as their Brand Ambassador. Their efforts resulted in front coverage in HT […]

Urban Ladder

Priyam, Spriha, Spoorthi, Neil
Q3 FY18

Share The Good Q3 FY18 – Urban Ladder’s Editorial Buzzfeed Quizz on World TV Day Team Urban Ladder comprising of Priyam Divgi, Spriha Dhanuka, Spoorthi Srinivasan and  Neil Luis wanted to generate worldwide buzz for Urban Ladder’s leading category of sofas and couches on the occasion on World TV Day. Their efforts resulted in 80,000 views for […]

Municipal Corporation of Gurugram

Suhas, Anirudh, Anindita, Sashi, Vivek S, Raju, Manjesh, Ramsha, Devaraju
Q2 FY18

Share The Good Q2 FY18 – An Integrated Campaign for Systematic Voter Education and Enrollment Program for Municipal Corporation of Gurugram Team MCG comprising of Suhas Tadas, Anirudh Chouhan, Anindita Mukhopadhyay, Sashi Ghising, Vivek Sahai, Raju Dangol, Manjesh K M, Ramsha Alam and Devaraju M L wanted to wanted to raise awareness about the upcoming municipal […]

Oracle Open World

Ritika, Bhawana, Archana, Jinsy, Shriya, Bharat, Devyani
Q1 FY18

Share The Good Q1 FY18 – Oracle OpenWorld Team Oracle Open World comprising of Ritika Kar Sharma,Bhawana Suri, Archana Mukherjee, Jinsy Raju, Shriya Vyas, Bharat Kundra and Devyani  Savakoor wanted to wanted to position Oracle as a strategic partner for the government with all three layers of the cloud. The 5 months of strategy and […]


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