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Team Oracle Open World comprising of Ritika Kar Sharma,Bhawana Suri, Archana Mukherjee, Jinsy Raju, Shriya Vyas, Bharat Kundra and Devyani  Savakoor wanted to wanted to position Oracle as a strategic partner for the government with all three layers of the cloud. The 5 months of strategy and planning (pre-during-post programs) with an integrated approach, resulted in flawless execution. We managed to handle 5 briefings and 26 interviews in one and a half days. We got 486 pieces of coverage, trended on social at #1 in Delhi & #3 nationally and received appreciation from Oracle’s HQ. Post event, the end result, and the message take-away for Oracle customers has been consistent: Oracle is committed to India, Oracle is investing in India and Oracle is committed to our customers in India.

 Here’s what PRactitioners highlighted about their work
“It is one of the biggest event that The PRactice has ever managed. In terms of work, the team was pretty stretched and the results were outstanding. Client has appreciated the work the team has put in.”
“It was a 5 month long integrated with multiple challenges and numerous activities. The team planned and executed it flawlessly and received global appreciation.”
“They handled an exceedingly difficult client, managed to perform the task at hand with ease and were efficient at their work. Kudos to the Team.”
“Oracle OpenWorld was one of the biggest events that have happened in India. The team not just only managed all the ground activities but also showed great presence of mind when faced with challenges. Almost all the pre-planned activities were shelved at the last moment. However, the team made most of the opportunity and the result was not the only stupendous coverage but also the super happy client.”
“This large scale event needed intense planning, coordination, efficient time and resource management. The team pulled it off amazingly. The client’s testimonial was a testimony to this.”
“Meticulous Planning, Flawless execution, Adapting effortlessly to any/all last minute incidents. The client testimonials and the outcome say it all.”
“The team is very passionate and result oriented. They were not bogged down by the challenges and worked around the lows. Their client’s success was of utmost importance. This is a truly integrated campaign and the strategizing and planning was done to precision. in a short span of time, the media activity was handled well.”
“They really did make an impact that impacted India’s vision for digital economy, which in my opinion is a huge step.”
“Amazing delivery given the complexity of this high profile event. The organization, outcome and team work is commendable. Last not the least, the video was very well made and engaging.”

Congratulations Team Oracle OpenWorld Keep up the good work….

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