From nurturing people and watching them soar to forging long-term relationships, we partner with exciting clients and explore new ideas. Be it through Learning, Doing, Evolving, Integrating, Ideating across cubicles, geographies, and functions… this is what you’ll find at The PRactice, all the time.
Some may call it ‘work’; we simply call it ‘living our passion’.


Looking for an Internship?

Learn more about The PRactice while we learn more about you. Experience new age public relations and discover if you have a flair for it. At The PRactice, our internship opportunities enable you to use what you’ve learned, expand your knowledge, and benefit from invaluable on-the-job experience from some of the brightest minds in communications. Work closely with our teams to get first-hand exposure to Public Relations, immerse yourself in our employee engagement activities, share your point and we might even ask you to stay on if we’re happy with you. Here are some experiences of our most recent interns.

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Culture @ The PRactice

We have proven excellence in client servicing, winning awards, high retention rate of clients, and employee centricity. This, along with our values of respect, integrity, professionalism, and learning, create a unique environment which we call The PRactice’s Culture.
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