Smakshi Sarvaria

The Q3 FY18 Award goes to Smakshi Sarvaria for exemplifying Client Service Excellence by living the four principals:

Building Long Term Relationships – Smakshi has been instrumental in making our relationship with the client come a long way from where we began. Her professionalism, responsiveness, quality of work and the services has led the client to say that directly to me that in their experience, The PRactice stands out in their experience of working with any other agency internationally. Under Smakshi’ s leadership, the team has proactively provided the client with solutions and recommendations that will help grow Maple Syrup as a category in India. Her work today focuses on creating buzz by using high profilers and early adopters; a top down approach, and encouraging trial that leads to purchase at a more grassroots community levels. These strategies were devised as an outcome of the measurement and monitoring metrics that Smakshi and her team put in place. She has always been timely and effective in addressing client needs and requirements. There has been no escalations on this account under her leadership.

Deepening Knowledge – Smakshi delved deep into the client’s objective and has regularly studied the business environment to build in-depth understanding of the India market, in order to offer the best solutions and strategy. She has applied this knowledge to align the program. As a result, we have seen keen interest from the consumers writing into us, asking about maple syrup’s availability. The number of queries has substantially gone and this shift primarily comes after the consumers ‘tasted’ maple. The client has been really appreciative of the recommendations and will now be talking to the buyers to set up meetings in February.

Creating Value – As a starting point for being able to add value to the client relationships, Smakshi began with a clear understanding of the client, their business, and their personal and business goals. She also understood what they currently value from their service relationship with The PRactice. Her understanding, attitude and behaviour has led the client really see Smakshi as a partner and advisor to them, often making Abhijit and Rajneesh redundant in the project. For instance, when Maple syrup exports are on a low in the country, the team, under Smakshi’ s leadership helped the client understand the market realities and look beyond just marketing and promotional activities.

Keeping Promises – One of the reasons why we have been able to successfully strengthen our relationship with the client is because of meeting deadlines, as it plays a vital role in developing the level of trust. While the client has never been unreasonable, we too have never agreed to unrealistically tight deadlines, which only deters the quality of work. Be it weekly, monthly or quarterly reports, Smakshi has always set realistic expectations with the client and delivered in a timely manner – the same has been appreciated by the client because by respecting their timelines, we demonstrate qualities of trust and credibility, which is always respected in a long run and larger scheme of things.


Testimonial from Maple speaks volumes about the good work done by Smakshi

“We, the Federation of Maple Syrup Producers, and particularly myself, would like to highlight the excellent work done by The Practice and especially the great collaboration of Smakshi in all the projects she leads. We can always count on her for a tight follow-up of the projects. She is an interlocutor in the business that we greatly appreciate. We feel very lucky to work with such a professional and thank her for her devotion”

-Mylène Denicolai , Promotion Coordinator, Maple Federation

Congratulations Smakshi!

We are super proud to have you as part our team.You are an inspiration for PRactitioners.