Bharat Kumar Kundra

We are happy to announce the Employee of the Month for January

Congratulations Bharat Kundra

Bharat wins the award for his work on MEA and the Google India project. The professional and adept manner in which he handles all his projects earned him great appreciation from his clients. Apart from leading the delivery and the client management, he has also proactively identified opportunities for his clients that often go beyond the scope of work. He never shies away from work and is extremely supportive of other team members. He demonstrates great passion, flexibility and stretch in every project he is associated with.

Here’s what some of the PRactitioners had to say…

“His passion and dedication for work is absolutely commendable. He always looks out for learning opportunities and has an urge to do more!”

“Having seen Bharat’s dedication on the account from Day 1 and looking at the appreciation he has received from the client, I think this award is well deserved. I have never seen him shying away from work and he is extremely supportive to other team members.”

“I feel he is an unsung hero in a way.”

“Bharat has demonstrated great passion, flexibility and stretch in every project he is associated with. He is extremely reliable and dependable at his work and has really made a difference to our projects.”

“He is navigating unknown territories and dealing with new spaces”

“For his sheer dedication towards his job and the commitment with which he delivers.”

Keep up the good work Bharat !!!

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