Asavari Bharadwaj

We are happy to announce the Employee of the Month for March

Congratulations Asavari Bharadwaj

Asavari the award for her work on Oracle, especially the Oracle Code series of events that Oracle launched in India. She led every aspect of Oracle Code from ideation to execution of the digital plan single-handedly. She recommended a novel digital engagement concept to the client, which was approved and extremely successful on-ground. She is extremely hard working, confident, is always brimming with passion and her energy is contagious. She displays client ownership and accountability that wins client confidence. Even under trying circumstances she does not lose her cool and comes out with solutions, which is a very rare trait. Asavari has a great work attitude, culture and perspective and is an asset to the team.

Here’s what some of the PRactitioners had to say…

“Because she is extremely hardworking and has done a fantastic job on the Oracle account recently. I was impressed! What a lovely way to reach out to people on social media like that! She is oozing with confidence, brimming with passion and has contagious energy!!!”

“She is so hardworking and sincere. Her dedication is inspiring.”

“Because she gives her best to any job she is given. She is focused and driven. “

“Dedicated, sincere, hardworking, full of life. she won the client’s confidence and delivered to the mandate”

“Asavari has a great work attitude, culture and perspective. She’s hard working and diligent, and is an asset to the team.”

“Asavari is extremely confident with what she does and her efforts have been appreciated not only by the client but also by Oracle’s marketing team. She is highly enthusiastic and works with a smile on her face which really provokes other team members including me to overcome challenges.”

“For the novelty of solution she presented to the client and managed to execute it seamlessly.”

“She is very diligent with her work. Oracle event is a big testimony to her skills and passion towards her field of work. From ideation to planning, execution and managing stakeholders she led this event single-handedly and turned it into a huge success!”

“Her energy, the passion that she brings to work is just exceptional. Even under trying circumstances she does not loose her cool and comes out with solutions, which is a very rare trait.”

“Planning and executing a social media mandate successfully for a critical client like Oracle is commendable.”

“Love her chirpy and energetic aura. She is very hardworking and punctual. She is determined and achieves whatever she puts her mind to.”

Keep up the good work Asavari !!!