Aanchal Agarwal

The Q4 FY18 Award goes to Aanchal Agarwal for exemplifying Client Service Excellence by living the four principals:

Building Long Term Relationships –She leads three accounts, Omidyar Network, Aavishkar and Intellecap Group and Infosys Science Foundation. We have received appreciation emails and calls from all her clients on how Aanchal has listened in and made sure that their briefs have been converted to effective plans leading to success. Omidyar Network and Aavishkar and Intellecap have renewed their contracts with us-reflects on her ability to deliver to her client mandates and build long term partnerships.

Deepening Knowledge – Her understanding about her client and the environment they operate in, led her to secure a cover story in the Forbes.

Creating Value – For Aavishkar and Intellecap group, she has demonstrated this by questioning the brief to the point the client understood why an alternative approach was needed to ensure the right media visibility for the Sankalp forum. While doing so, she also set expectations and exceeded them.

Keeping Promises –Her eagerness to close the loop on client requests and conversations as well provide feedback to her team deserves a special mention. Her commitment to delivery have played a pivotal role in leading to clients renewing their business with us.


Testimonial from Aavishkar Intellecap Group speaks volumes about the good work done by Aanchal

“Well I must admit Aanchal is amazing and I enjoy interacting with her and what she managed to do with Forbes should get her a super women title”

-Vineet Rai, Founder Aavishkar Intellecap Group

Congratulations Aanchal!

We are super proud to have you as part our team.You are an inspiration for PRactitioners.