Our Work

We bring media-agnostic thinking that is informed by both data and human insight, and then uses the optimum mix of media and activation to bring the idea to life. Our work spans print, digital, events, activations, and other initiatives that create impact where it matters.

We endeavor to not just understand the brands we represent, but the industries or sectors they belong to.

We work with clients in the areas of Brand Communications, Reputation Management, Employee Communications, Social Responsibility & Impact


Brand Communications

We are ready for the always-on nature of today’s brand communication. Our integrated approach understands the multi-faceted nature of the communication environment and we are adept at fusing knowledge, insights, and the realities of the market to distil and promote the brand narrative.

Reputation Management

In a world where reputations are made in years and broken in minutes, we bring a holistic viewpoint that spans the gamut from creation to crisis management. With meticulous planning, evaluation of possible and probable contingencies, we work to nurture and protect the reputation of clients by shaping the collective perceptions through effective stakeholder management.

Employee Communications

Every company wants to be a passion project for their employees. The only way to achieve that is for employees to buy in to the organisation’s beliefs and ethos. We inspire employees and organisations to work together towards complementary objectives in ways that cement their relationship and enhance job satisfaction.

Social Responsibility & Impact

We believe there is a strong intersection between corporate social responsibility (CSR) and public relations for a Company. Harnessed well it could further elevate corporate brand, employee engagement and greater community good. With the Social Responsibility & Impact (SR&I) vertical at The PRactice, we demonstrate this belief.

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