Public Policy & Advocacy

Leading Public Policy understanding, positioning and guidance from your point of view! Focus on the tactile and user-relevant perception, as opposed to the need for all encompassing laws and firm guidance by issue-based relevance, leads us to arrive at a sustainable narrative. The ability to micro connect and address niche audiences is the key aspect of growth and managing reputations in a collaborative manner. We are the Middleware between Policy and the User. With a strong focus on collaboration, collective thinking, analytics and research, backed by a strong team with over a 100 man years experience in managing the narrative in diverse domains, we believe in developing insightful data science for innovation.

Advocacy & Public Policy Management

We leverage our core strengths in threading the emergent narrative. Advocacy and Public Policy Management is all about understanding ground realities and managing client expectations in a collaborative manner with the principal stakeholders. It is about articulating thoughts in a constructive and consultative exchange, designed to elicit responses to further solutions.

Research &

At the heart of our Advocacy and Public Policy approach is research, monitoring and analysis. In-depth, multi-level research and monitoring (both in-house and external) provides necessary guidance and helps test assumptions. Careful analysis helps in refining possible tactical and strategic responses to issues at hand.


As part of our Advocacy and Policy Engagement module, we specialize in developing concept notes, white papers, consultative papers and strategy notes for both clients and sectors. We have a specialized in-house resource pool whose primary function is to develop content to address the requirements of our stakeholders. The insights developed as part of our service offering are peer reviewed and can withstand expert scrutiny.

Industry Body

We develop tactical ideas and toolkits as a follow up to the strategic position and for positioning the narrative. We create industry specific White Papers and Consultative Notes for dissemination amongst the right individuals and organizations, creating a conducive ecosystem to promote your message.


Our unique data-driven tool compiles information on the online activity of stakeholders, utilizing a combination of human experience and machine learning to develop valuable insights.

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