The PRactice’s Startup Consulting Solution Sees Many Takers


New Delhi, August 16, 2016 – The PRactice, one of India’s foremost Public Relations firms today announced that its Startup Consulting Solution is helping young companies and their entrepreneurs scale, strengthen market presence and develop deep stakeholder relations for achieving business objectives. Startup Consulting was launched in April, 2016 to address the unique communication requirements of a new business as it goes through its many life stages from seed funding to growth. Within four months, the firm has seen good traction from clients across retail, e-commerce, precision agriculture and microfinance.

“Our rich experience of working with founders and investors since our inception in Year 2000, has helped us evolve a focused approach that takes an outside-in perspective to appreciate specific startup situations”, said Vivek P. Rana, CEO, The PRactice. “Our focus is to partner with interesting new businesses, and help them become India’s next big brands,” he added.

Rajneesh Chowdhury, Vice President, The PRactice said, “The communication needs of a startup are different from that of established companies. The Startup Consulting Solution offers customised programs including Planning and Analytics, Message Development, Communication Design, Content Development, Stakeholder Engagement, Strategic Media Relations, Digital Engagement, Leadership Coaching among other to help build a company’s reputation.”

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About The PRactice

The PRactice is India’s foremost public relations firms focused on safeguarding client reputation in the twenty first century market realities. The firm has four business verticals – Technology, Consumer, Life Sciences and Social Innovation. It’s serviced by a team of over one-hundred consultants from three offices in New Delhi, Bengaluru and Mumbai. The PRactice is a brand partner of Porter Novelli, one of the top ten Public Relations firm in the world.


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