Meet the Godrej PRmoment India 30 under 30, 2018

Meet the Godrej PRmoment India 30 under 30, 2018! These winners have gone through a rigorous jury process.

There was a sharp rise in the number of video entries, double from last year, showing that our young Indian PR professionals are embracing video with enthusiasm. There was also an increased number of entries from corporate communications professionals, mainly from the hospitality and financial sector.  The 2018 list also has our first winner from an influencer marketing firm.

The PR for PR section, introduced to elicit our 3030 applicant’s understanding and vision of PR, saw some truly remarkable entries. We have to make a special mention of an entire game designed by one of the applicants to show the potential of PR.

The quality of entries shows that the future of PR is truly bright with some exceptional talent entering the PR market every year.

So here it is the Godrej PRmoment India 30 under 30 last for 2018. Congratulations to all the winners!

Would also to express our thanks to Godrej for supporting the 3030 initiative for emerging PR talent as well to the distinguished jury members who gave their time and support to vet the entries to ensure a fair and transparent process.



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