Integrated Innovations

We’ve had the privilege of working alongside a number of inspiring clients over the years. Here are a few groundbreaking integrations and collaborations that we’re most proud to call our own.

Communication Showcase

Integrated Innovations


We supported Amadeus Labs with a useful reference guide for new-joinees at the organization, which later also served as a supporting document for their Great Place To Work submission. Written and illustrated in a story-book format, this informational coffee-table book tells us all about Ishaan, a fictional employee, and his experience of joining Amadeus Labs.


We worked to raise awareness on the wide spectrum of Blockchain solutions, and its potential uses beyond Fintech. Our campaign, #ItsAllAboutBlockchain, addressed many common Blockchain myths through effective messaging, including an exciting jingle created to better explain the technology and its impact on various industries.


We created an online survey for Adobe to help understand the impact of technology on our work. Conducted across seven APAC countries, the ‘Future of Work’ survey targeted 18+ aged employees, across different sectors, working on a computer daily. The results of which highlighted technology’s role in enabling productivity and improving efficiency.


We supported the estimated growth of regional language internet users in India by facilitating a collaboration between content owners, content creators and content enablers. This helped form a unified ecosystem that mutually works together to overcome issues and challenges, thereby ensuring the growth of the regional language technology industry.

Tamara Kodai

We collaborated closely with Tamara Leisure Experiences Pvt. Ltd. to ensure a smooth launch of their second property; Tamara Kodai. A thorough understanding of the requirement resulted in high volume coverage of our launch event in print and online media, which was crucial in creating unique visibility and positioning for Tamara Kodai as a brand.


We set out to build a strong connect between Parle’s diverse portfolio brands and its heritage umbrella corporate brand. Through a focused, phased and sustained media engagement approach, we were able to build relationships with key FMCG and consumer stakeholders to increase awareness about Parle and its premium offerings.

South Australian Tourism Commission

We worked with the South Australian Tourism Commission to attract more travellers to non-conventional destinations such as Adelaide, Kangaroo Island and Barossa. Through consistent engagement with key travel, lifestyle and trade media, we helped build vital awareness for each of South Australia’s key destinations.

Himalaya Wellness

We aimed to meet the primary objective of Himalaya’s public relations mandate by strengthening perceptions of the Brand, and making it synonymous with Wellness. In addition to stakeholder engagement, our strategic media relations built the concept of preventive care in the wellness space with Himalaya positioned as a thought leader.


We worked with the Siemens India team to increase its Share of Voice in the media by over 40%. Through a focused strategic media relations programme, we were able to evolve the Company’s perception amongst stakeholders, from a traditional engineering firm, to being a leader in industrial digitalization.


We designed a multi-pronged Brand Communication strategy for XPRIZE to launch the Anu & Naveen Jain Women’s Safety XPRIZE and the Water Abundance XPRIZE in India. By highlighting issues of women’s safety and water scarcity, we engaged various individuals and organizations who believed in making a difference, and achieved the desired response.

Smile Train

We mobilized Smile Train India’s networks, and created new platforms of engagement, in order to build third party advocacy for their work in cleft care in India. Through an integrated public relations campaign, which included strategic media relations, digital engagement and influencer engagement, we assisted their fundraising efforts in the country.

Omidyar Network

We were asked to build an identity and brand recall for Omidyar Network, through Strategic Media Relations, Stakeholder Engagement and Digital Engagement. This helped position them as a balanced, thoughtful and informed investor, by creating awareness and understanding of their many initiatives and overall approach to philanthropy.


We raised brand awareness for CreditVidya with a 360 degree public relations program, positioning them as the leading alternative data-based credit underwriting firm in India. Increased stakeholder visibility resulted in an influx of business leads and the founders being identified as strong thought leaders within the retail lending and startup space.


We built a robust influencer management program to engage stakeholders beyond the technology sphere. With influencers from different genres, such as lifestyle, food, art and photography, creating content for Samsung, we showcased the technical features of the Samsung Galaxy S9 Sunrise Gold in a more glamorous, consumer-friendly way.


We implemented an awareness program illustrating the addictive nature of smoking, and the value of expert counselling and a solid support system in de-addiction. Working with key opinion leaders (doctors, dentists, addiction counsellors), we successfully positioned their emergency hotline, ‘Quitline’, as a reliable way to permanently kick the habit.


We helped develop a comprehensive, scientifically-backed program to create awareness on the perils of morbid obesity, along with the benefits of bariatric procedures. Our strategic media relations, over 2.5 years, resulted in key opinion leaders reaffirming Bariatric Surgery as a safe, viable weight-loss solution for morbidly obese patients.


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