Social Innovation

We work with social visionaries to deliver on inclusive innovation by leveraging vital market mechanisms. We deliver cause-related programs, for both charities and corporations, that align to the brand and to the hearts and minds of consumers, employees and communities served. We apply the best practices of private sector marketing to achieve positive impact in the developmental and social space.

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Communication Showcase

Integrated Innovation


We designed a multi-pronged Brand Communication strategy for XPRIZE to launch the Anu & Naveen Jain Women’s Safety XPRIZE and the Water Abundance XPRIZE in India. By highlighting issues of women’s safety and water scarcity, we engaged various individuals and organizations who believed in making a difference, and achieved the desired response.

Smile Train

We mobilized Smile Train India’s networks, and created new platforms of engagement, in order to build third party advocacy for their work in cleft care in India. Through an integrated public relations campaign, which included strategic media relations, digital engagement and influencer engagement, we assisted their fundraising efforts in the country.

Omidyar Network

We were asked to build an identity and brand recall for Omidyar Network, through Strategic Media Relations, Stakeholder Engagement and Digital Engagement. This helped position them as a balanced, thoughtful and informed investor, by creating awareness and understanding of their many initiatives and overall approach to philanthropy.


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