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Mahyco or Maharashtra Hybrid Seeds Company Pvt Ltd is India’s first GM technology company. Dedicated to providing a technological solution to the agrarian problems of the country, Mahyco is a 50 year old pioneer in the field of agriculture.

One of the biggest challenges faced by Mahyco is that of the strong opposition against Genetically Modified and Hybrid seeds in the country, with no policies to support field trials.

The PRactice initiated an integrated communications campaign for Mahyco which focused on relationship building with stakeholders and third party advocates. We leveraged strategic media relations, digital engagement and build content collaterals to help build a balanced view towards technology in Agriculture.

We started a bi-annual publication ‘Beej’ which provided a platform to further engage the stakeholders through articles and opinions for everyone to read. View the Beej inaugural Issue on

Over the last few years, these efforts have resulted in balanced and informative news articles and balanced perceptions.

Produced Videos

What is Biotech?
Biotech Globally
Interview with Mahyco
Interview with Scientists


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