Our Culture

We have proven excellence in client servicing, winning awards, high retention rate of clients, and employee centricity. This, along with our values of respect, integrity, professionalism, and learning, create a unique environment which we call The PRactice’s Culture.

our values


Respect is an outcome of the reputation we enjoy: that of trusted partner, expert in public relations, and a beacon of professionalism and integrity.


We work with organisations whose values reflect our firm’s. We do not promise more than we can deliver; as a result we often meet and exceed expectations.


Professionalism to us includes accountability, initiative, punctuality, responsiveness, and delivery on promises. It is not limited to client relationships, but also in how we interact as colleagues.


Learning keeps us humble and promotes meritocracy in the firm. Our knowledge of social, economic and political environments is key to the trusted counsel we provide, and therefore, the work we execute.


We lead, we question status quo, throw up ideas and find solutions. We believe in open doors and honest opinions. We take pride in our clients, and ownership of our work. We follow a truly non-hierarchical organisation structure, which elevates our level of responsibilities at The PRactice.

Dil or Dimaag Se


Our employees

learning & development

Credentials of Readiness

Our e-learning platform is designed to equip you with the important and relevant skills needed to grow as enabled PRactitioners.

The Big Picture

We study topics and cases to help PRactitioners see the relevance and application of different training modules in our work.

Leading with Impact

Our mentorship program enables PRactitioners to achieve performance excellence in their work as leaders within the organisation.

Rewards & Recognition

Our talented PRactitioners never fail to create an impact in the world of Public Relations and Corporate Communications, with numerous individuals finding their way onto prestigious lists, such as PRmoment India’s 30 Under 30 and Reputation Today’s 40 Under 40, year after year.

#JustOnePercent More

We understand that progress is a great form of motivation, and multiple micro-improvements over time sets us up for success. By being #JustOnePercent more conscious of our actions, we are en route to creating a more sustainable, environmentally-friendly way of life.


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