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Our new issue of Viewpoint covers the ways Sports intersects with Branding and communication in our lives.

Nothing inspires like a sporting feat – an acrobatic catch, a comeback win, or a hard fought race to the finish. And in a country like ours, few things are more unifying than a game of cricket featuring the Indian team.
In addition, our lingo is filled with sporting idioms – sticky wicket, slam dunk, back foot… and so on. Clearly, sport influences our lives in ways both overt and subtle.
Since this is also the year of the Olympics, we felt that this was a great time to look at the world of sport for communication and business lessons.
And there are plenty to be gleaned from there – spanning commentary, marketing, association, sponsorship, training, and a whole lot more. Our guest writers, individuals who are immersed in both communication and sport, provide their thoughts on the many areas where the two overlap.