We help build resonance for a brand, both at its launch and throughout its life cycle. With research-led understanding of markets and consumer behaviour, we help promote your brand, generate trade excitement, influence the influencer, counter inaccurate perceptions and manage critical issues, ensuring your product or service is the “hero” it needs to be.

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Communication Showcase

Integrated Innovation

Tamara Kodai

We collaborated closely with Tamara Leisure Experiences Pvt. Ltd. to ensure a smooth launch of their second property; Tamara Kodai. A thorough understanding of the requirement resulted in high volume coverage of our launch event in print and online media, which was crucial in creating unique visibility and positioning for Tamara Kodai as a brand.


We set out to build a strong connect between Parle’s diverse portfolio brands and its heritage umbrella corporate brand. Through a focused, phased and sustained media engagement approach, we were able to build relationships with key FMCG and consumer stakeholders to increase awareness about Parle and its premium offerings.

South Australian Tourism Commission

We worked with the South Australian Tourism Commission to attract more travellers to non-conventional destinations such as Adelaide, Kangaroo Island and Barossa. Through consistent engagement with key travel, lifestyle and trade media, we helped build vital awareness for each of South Australia’s key destinations.

Himalaya Wellness

We aimed to meet the primary objective of Himalaya’s public relations mandate by strengthening perceptions of the Brand, and making it synonymous with Wellness. In addition to stakeholder engagement, our strategic media relations built the concept of preventive care in the wellness space with Himalaya positioned as a thought leader.


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