Showcasing Thought Leadership

Adobe, well known for being a provider of creative software wanted to highlight the company as a leader in the digital marketing space in India. To create awareness about their suite of digital marketing solutions among consumers, Adobe turned to The PRactice.

To establish Adobe as a thought leader with expertise in digital marketing, the team decided to position the company’s vision for digital marketing and its breadth of experience across verticals through a series of discussions that would provide real-world insights. We partnered with India’s leading business magazine – BusinessWorld to host a panel discussion. The discussion was conducted by Senior Associate Editor, Chitra Narayanan with a range of panelists, each well known in their particular industry: Deep Kalra shared his experience in e-commerce marketing & online travel, Kiran Karnik offered a blend of experience in finance, broadcasting and business, Rama Bijapurkar shared her thoughts on market strategy and consumer behaviour, Amrita Gangotra shared her expertise from the telecom world and Shantanu Narayen, President and CEO of Adobe highlighted the technology trends shaping the market. 

The timing of the event was planned around the launch of new Adobe Digital marketing solutions in order to magnify coverage and media exposure. A lively discussion with enthusiastic participation by the panelists as well as the 35 CMOs who attended made for a very successful event, which was also comprehensively covered by Business World.


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