Putting MSIDC on the map

The R&D unit of Microsoft, MSIDC, was having trouble hiring top notch talent in 2006. The key stakeholders (talent and media representatives) had minimal knowledge of the kind of work done at the centre. The PRactice was called in to build better recall for the business unit’s core capabilities in product development and attract talent.

The main objective of the campaign was to establish the centre as a critical component of Microsoft’s growth. By positioning the centre as a thought leader and a key driver of software product development in India, The PRactice was able to showcase how invaluable the division was to Microsoft.

Several corporate and HR campaigns were conducted in the form of media interactions, technology briefings, stakeholder relationship meetings and events. This helped in constantly feeding the knowledge pool with industry trends and also establishing the centre as an employee-centric organization by showcasing its pro-employee policies.

Executive visits from global Microsoft leaders helped, as did key product launches for Microsoft. At the end of the campaign, the unit was considered a thought leader, innovator and a key driver of software product development at Microsoft. The centre also became one of the most desired R&D centres in India to work at.


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