India ON – Qualcomm on a roll

Qualcomm is an American semiconductor and telecommunications equipment company that designs some of the best wireless telecom products and services. One of its key objectives in India was to establish itself as a technology partner and demonstrate the strength of the CDMA network.

Towards this goal, The PRactice conceptualized an event called India On, which brought the Qualcomm’s entire ecosystem together. There were exclusive media interactions in the form of Editors Roundtables as well as highly targeted 1:1 interactions with senior Qualcomm spokespeople. An online platform was created by The PRactice, which included the India On microsite, dedicated Twitter account, spokespeople blogs, and lifestyle product demos.

The event effectively highlighted how Qualcomm can enable technology and business development of its partners. It resulted in coverage for Qualcomm in all top tier target media publications. Moreover, it helped in developing strong working relationships and goodwill with key target media and industry analysts. It also created palpable excitement around Qualcomm’s activities and generated interest in ‘what next?’


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