Making a University Known in India

Pennsylvania State University (Penn State), a top American university wanted to make its presence felt in India, especially with the student and teaching community. India has a huge student population and Penn State wanted to attract the best and the brightest to its USA campus. The PRactice was tasked with developing a campaign that would publicise the university’s stature and its programs, research and services.

The PRactice team crafted a campaign that focussed the spotlight on the variety of academic programs that Penn State offered. This was further contextualized by alumni profiles and achievements, especially those well known in their fields. The university’s strength when it came to their research and faculty was highlighted to provide a comprehensive picture of Penn State’s possibilities, networks and achievements.

Several strategic programs like the US India Higher Education Research Conference on the university campus, a visit to India by the Penn State Provost, faculty exchange programs and student immersion trips were planned, and went a long way in creating awareness and familiarity with the university and its welcoming environment for international students. The team ensured maximum media coverage for all these relevant events and precipitated several discussions about the problems related to higher education in India and the possible solutions.

As a result of sustained relationship building with policy makers, media spokespeople, students, faculty and other stakeholders in education, The PRactice team helped build awareness and recognition for the university. The Wall Street Journal listed Penn State as the first choice of recruiters. Our multifaceted approach succeeded in creating just the right impact that the university was looking for.


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