Curating partner perception

AMD is a Sunnyvale-based multinational company that manufactures microprocessors and related technologies for business and consumer markets. As the Public Relations partners of AMD in India, The PRactice conducted a qualitative research across geographies, among various stakeholders of the company to understand current perceptions about AMD. Results showed that there were gaps in the company’s approach towards managing its different stakeholders.  

The PRactice proposed a strategic, customised perception audit to modify AMD’s approach to stakeholders that would lead to the desired perception.

The initiatives, largely among channel partners and the media, were, increased interaction with channel partners, channel partner profiling, joint press releases, chat sessions with the channel head, aggressive outreach for the new and effective channel head, and building awareness of AMD’s channel initiatives.

The PRactice recommended that a new email address be used by partners to provide direct feedback to the company.

The PRactice also leveraged relationships with leading online publications so that channel partners could engage with AMD’s stakeholders. This was strengthened by an aggressive media campaign highlighting AMD’s commitment to their partners’ success. Additionally, based on a media ask for additional information from the company, The PRactice initiated a direct mailer titled ‘An Update’ to a select group of target journalists.

The campaign also sought to improve advertising, enable direct and focused outreach to members of the gaming community and develop a more effective online strategy for the company.

The Public Relations campaign achieved a significant image shift for AMD in the eyes of the media and its partners. For example, since AMD lacked a platform to express their opinions, channel partners started supporting AMD by placing comments on their channel and other websites, in response to news on AMD. Surveys conducted after the campaign indicated that the previous issues of inadequate communication and support had been addressed and AMD was recognized for its timely updates and multiple initiatives aimed at educating its partners.