Creativity 101: What it takes?

Design is more than just making something look pretty or aesthetically pleasing. When creating collaterals or internal communication mailers, it’s important to meet the client, capture a brief accurately and re-lay the same information to your content and design team.

Creatives are usually based on the content; the content needs to be focused on the key message. It has to have a theme and more importantly re-lay the right information to the target audience. A creative has to have the right tone, colour, icon, look and feel. When thinking about the content and design of the collateral, one needs to keep in mind the three brackets the collateral will fall under: Inform, Engage, or Inspire.

When you tie all these elements together, that’s when you create something spectacular. It’s definitely not an easy task, but it’s something we strive to do at The PRactice daily. We challenge ourselves to think out-of-the-box, use trends, tactics and strategy when developing collaterals for Internal Communications.

So here is how we went about doing an exciting piece of work for Amadeus Labs.

Amadeus Labs, the second largest R&D site for Amadeus IT Group, an IT solutions provider for the global travel industry wanted us to help them with the roll out of the new ‘Maternity Leave’ policy of 26 weeks to all expecting mothers in the organisation.

We decided to convey this policy through two interesting mailers that instantly caught the employees attention. The mailers were to be graphical and convey that Amadeus Labs is one of the first companies to roll out this initiative.

The first mailer was to be a teaser – A captivating headline was crafted to grab the attention.

Few days after sending out the first mailer we shared the second one. We connected it back to the ‘great news’ in the teaser, and hit the message of being one of the ‘first’ companies to roll out this policy.

The mailers were a great success and the employees were happy to receive “the good news”.

“Amadeus Labs has been working with The PRactice for close to two years now. The engagement began in early 2015 with a need for a Public Relationship exercise to leverage on a senior leadership visit in Bangalore. Soon, the scope of work expanded to cover aspects like employer branding and internal communications. I am very happy with the team that is responsible for the Amadeus account. Be it client servicing or creative, the team has been able to understand the business and communication needs and have successfully delivered some fantastic results for high impact campaigns”.

Janhavi Joshi,  Manager – Communications & Branding, Amadeus Software Labs India Pvt Ltd.


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