Building Credibility and Good-will

Comat Technologies is an Indian social enterprise which specialized in the delivery of information based services to rural citizens. It was involved in several projects that allowed rural citizens to gain access to essential information-based services including Government, Education and Financial Services through 800 telecentres. It was also credited with playing a major role in the digitization of over 20 million land records, benefiting over 6.7 million farmers in the State.

In partnership with Govt. bodies, Comat created a biometric database of over 45 million citizens living in Karnataka. This was the largest electronic citizen database in India and a forerunner to the Unique Identification Number.

Though Comat was not a first time user of Public Relations, the company had a very basic understanding of what Public Relations could deliver. The PRactice worked very closely with the Public Relations team to establish that Public Relations is a very powerful tool, critical for building and managing a company’s reputation, at every touchpoint with the public.

It was imperative to convince Comat’s senior management on the importance Public Relations as an important organizational function. We worked together and identified various Public Relations opportunities, highlighted the necessity of effective communication and advised the client on ideal partnerships. At the closure of a financing project, The PRactice engaged with investors to understand their business, resulting in several media communication releases. We also organized media interviews with Comet’s leadership team and  investors.

As the CEO put it, “The PRactice brought to light what we were unable to see, being steeped in our business”.  From creating op-ed pieces featured in leading business dailies to editorial outreach, to building awareness about Comat’s rural business model, The PRactice played a critical role in building Comat’s credibility in the market.



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