Viewpoint is our quarterly thought publication covering themes and topics of relevance to the business of communication.
Each issue gathers insight and opinion from experts, thinkers, leaders, academicians and artists.

A New Reality

If nothing else, 2016 has shown us that anything we deem highly improbable is well within the realm of probability. In an environment in which rhetoric seems to prevail over rationality, fact checkers and real story seekers are struggling to find their footing. Boundaries are crossed and political correctness tossed to the winds as polarizing and extreme sentiments are given free rein. As we move into a reality dominated by these and other trends, there are many questions that demand answers.

Our contributors tackle these questions brilliantly in the year’s first set of ‘Viewpoints’. These explore the evolving concept of leadership, post-truth and other notions of truth, the unshakeable essence of reputation management, and a technology solution to regulate new media.
Happy 2017! Happy reading!

Technology can help regulate online news & limit distortions created by filters.

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