SMILE Report 2021

Over the last few years, we have seen our industry grow.  Firms have begun to scale – not just in terms of revenue or number of people, but in terms of geographies, budgets, and offerings.  The advent of digital has been a mighty leveler.

The second Social Media Influencer Listing Engine (SMILE) Report, 2021 in association with Reputation Today tracks the social media presence (on Twitter and LinkedIn) of Public Relations professionals in the country. The first report was launched in August 2020 and it intends to applaud those who have chosen this medium to share their views, support our industry, stand up for it, bust myths, and expand our intellect. 

The names in the list were chosen from two data sets – Reputation Today’s 2020 40-under-40 and the 100 Most Important People lists. We compiled the report using an in-house formula. Individuals with no original LinkedIn posts in the six months from January to June 2021 have not been included in the list. 

While influence can be established by counting the number of followers a person has on various social networks, there is an inherent need to determine how a person makes social connections, who those connections are, and what is being communicated by the person to their connections. The objective of the report is to showcase the relative social media influencing power held by professionals from the PR and Corporate Communications industry. The people featured in the report have been categorized as Experts, Specialists, Generalists, and Up-and-Comers based on the score generated by the analysis of their LinkedIn and Twitter platforms. The SMILE 2021 report is a list and not a ranking. We at The PRactice hope that more of us will be inspired to take the leap to experiment and excel on social media with integrity, dignity, clarity, and authenticity to propel our industry and the world’s understanding of what we do, and the impact we create on the next level.