Life Sciences

We develop insightful communication that highlights the core needs of a problem, and connects them to the bigger picture. We help drive change in the lives of people, making an impact on how they think, act and behave about health and the environment. We craft relevant solutions for a spectrum of health and life-science organizations, across the private and public sector, that creates visibility for stakeholders while advocating for a cause.

Communication Showcase

Integrated Innovation


We implemented an awareness program illustrating the addictive nature of smoking, and the value of expert counselling and a solid support system in de-addiction. Working with key opinion leaders (doctors, dentists, addiction counsellors), we successfully positioned their emergency hotline, ‘Quitline’, as a reliable way to permanently kick the habit.


We helped develop a comprehensive, scientifically-backed program to create awareness on the perils of morbid obesity, along with the benefits of bariatric procedures. Our strategic media relations, over 2.5 years, resulted in key opinion leaders reaffirming Bariatric Surgery as a safe, viable weight-loss solution for morbidly obese patients.


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