A Case for the Emergent Electric Vehicle Policy of the Government of India

The biggest gainer of an EV only drive will be the power sector. However, this is not an open and shut case. There are significant assumptions being made that might prove to be its undoing.

Meet the Godrej PRmoment India 30 under 30, 2018

The PR for PR section, introduced to elicit our 3030 applicant’s understanding and vision of PR, saw some truly remarkable entries. We have to make a special mention of an entire game designed by one of the applicants to show the potential of PR.

Public Relations

Ancient cultures associate the number 13 with femininity and if there is any truth in that, it is certainly a lucky number for all!


Vivek Rana, CEO, The PRactice points out “Agencies may be getting bigger budgets or retainers but a large chunk of that is often allocated to paid media space or coverage. So perhaps out of a Rs 20 lakh retainer, you may be spending as much as Rs 18 lakh on paid exposure, in which case your revenues are not really increasing.”

Do Indian companies misunderstand brand purpose?

Arijit Sengupta, vice president – public advocacy, The PRactice points out that, “ ‘Brand purpose’ is often correctly reflected in the life time value (LTV) of the brand. The LTV of a brand cannot simply be purchased or force fed by way of mass media. It is an organic process that needs careful and nuanced consideration over a significant amount of time.

Considerations for a systems practitioner

In this concluding piece, I will reflect on some of the skills-sets desired in a systems thinker and the challenges they may face in putting systems thinking to work.

Systems Thinking At Work

I introduced systems thinking and discussed why it is so relevant for the development sector and CSR. In this second piece, I will talk about some prominent approaches, methodologies and tools for the on-ground application of systems thinking.

The PRactice appoints Jayanthi Sethuraman as President – Technology

Public relations firm The PRactice has roped in Jayanthi Sethuraman as President of its national technology practice. This is a move to further strengthen the firm’s domain leadership in today’s rapidly transforming technology environment.