Do Indian companies misunderstand brand purpose?

Arijit Sengupta, vice president – public advocacy, The PRactice points out that, “ ‘Brand purpose’ is often correctly reflected in the life time value (LTV) of the brand. The LTV of a brand cannot simply be purchased or force fed by way of mass media. It is an organic process that needs careful and nuanced consideration over a significant amount of time.

The PRactice appoints Jayanthi Sethuraman as President – Technology

Public relations firm The PRactice has roped in Jayanthi Sethuraman as President of its national technology practice. This is a move to further strengthen the firm’s domain leadership in today’s rapidly transforming technology environment.

Experience has always called the shots

The Grand Bazaar, or Al-Madina Souk is one of the oldest and most difficult to navigate marketplaces in the world. It is also one of the most fascinating!

5 PR veterans aspiring professionals can consider as mentors

Nandita Lakshmanan took The PRactice international through its alliance with Porter Novelli. Since then, under her able leadership, the company has won numerous international awards and continues to do so.

PR firms in India – a mid-year round-up

The second source for a list is the PRCAI website where member firms are listed and the Top 10 among the Indian firms are Adfactors (which is in a different league), Avian Media, Value 360, The PRactice, PR Pundit, Integral, Aim High Consulting and Madison.

The best jobs in PR

Anjali Ray who handles ‘South Australia Tourism Commission’ says that her job feels like a perpetual vacation!

An inspiring TEDx Talk powered by The PRactice

Akshai Abraham & his team are redefining the boundaries of education through Project KHEL.

Navigating Success for Startups in Twenty First Century Market Realities

A startup that does not understand its ecosystem players and their impact could well be caught on the wrong foot by making crucial business decisions with incomplete information.