‘Influencer marketing’ is nothing new. But as the internet continues to remodel marketing landscapes, and brands evolve…

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Hackers are actively pursuing potentially damaging information, ranging from financial data (customer and internal) to trade secrets, products in development, legal and personal data, controversial documents and more.

A startup that does not understand its ecosystem players and their impact could well be caught on…

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2016 has been an interesting year to say the least and, if nothing else, it has really brought the whole issue of globalization into very sharp focus.

Empires have been built on the basis of stories. Businesses have flourished. Men and women have risen to the highest offices and homes have been built or broken on the basis of them.

An insight is a term much bandied about in the field of Strategic Communications. We take its importance for granted but it is worth stopping to think about why this is so.

Animation industry in India is changing from being an execution ground to one that has the promise of lending thought and strategy.

In the middle of catching up with technology, we are losing touch with our closest companions – our books.